How do I become a member?

1. You need to come personally to the library located on Klemensova 19 in Bratislava – map – close to Eurovea.
2. You need to bring your valid ID CARD wih you or – PASSPORT and your residence permit, if foreigner.
3. Before your registration please go through Library regulations + Basic information.
4. Annual Membership fee is 2€. If you have another library chip card or any other chip card (i.e. ISIC, ITIC, city transport card..), you may use this one for your registration and then it becomes also your library card. If you need or wish to have an unique library card, we provide it to you for 6€ fee. The full list of library charges you can see here.
Remote access to our electronic resources
To access our electronic resources from home you need to be our member and have a remote access password. Remember, first it is neccessary to fill in and send an online form and ask for a remote access password (called HAN – Hidden Automatic Navigator – password). After that:
– We check the validity of your library card, if not valid it is neccessary to renew it.
– You get a HAN password and instructions how to you use it. Each time you want to enter our electronic resources at home, you must log in with this password.
– The list of our electronic resources you can find here. A remote access is free.
– More information about remote access to our electronic resource you can find here

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