Frequently Asked Questions


1/ I want to become a library member but I do not work for the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. Anybody over 15 years of age may become a member of the library.


2/ Can I search the library catalogue even if I am not a member of the library?

Yes. It is not necessary to be a library member to search the library catalogue. The library catalogue is online, available to anybody.


3/ How can I become a library member?

To become a library member, you need to come to the library personally, bringing your valid identity card (for Slovak citizens) or passport along with your residence permit (for foreigners). We will issue a unique library chip-card against a small fee. However, if you keep any other chip-card, please bring it – since this may be used as a library card too.


4/ Can anybody help me search the library catalogue?

A library consultant is available each workday. This consultant can assist you with searching documents in the library catalogue, using our electronic resources or answering general enquiries in regard of the library services.


5/ For how long may I borrow items from the library? How many times may I renew my loans?

Library members, who completed their university studies (i.e. graduates) may borrow items for three months. The loan period for students or users with no university education is one month. All library users may renew borrowed items twice of not reserved by other library users.


6/ I sent the request and the item is waiting for me in the library now. For how long will the library keep it for me?

You must pick up your item within five work days. After those five work days, the items will be returned to our stock warehouse and become available to other library users again.


7/ How many items may I borrow?

You can borrow up to 20 item in total and you can take up to 10 items with you at once.


8/ What happens if I do not return my loans back on time?

Our library system automatically issues a warning. If you do not bring your loan back within 5 workdays after this warning, the system starts charging you 2 cents for each day and item. The library system does not charge anything if the library is closed.


9/ I have not found the item I am looking for in your catalogue. Can you help me?

Our library system displays also catalogues of other libraries in Slovakia. If the item you are interested in is not located in Bratislava, you can apply for in “interlibrary” loan. The “interlibrary” loan is a service by which we can get requested documents from another Slovak library for you. Through the International Interlibrary Loan service (IIL) we search also abroad. In both cases, we place the request for you. After the loan period has ended, we arrange the document’s return on your behalf. Interlibrary loans are free for our members and for IIL services we do charge a fee covering all related costs. You may also request a book or a photocopy of the journal article by filling an online form.


10/ I can not come personally to collect an item. May my friend or members of my family come and collect it for me?

Yes, it is possible. However, it is necessary to fill in, print out and bring a written bilingual authorization (power of attorney) signed by you and her/him. The authorised person must also bring her/his ID card.


11/ What does “reservation service” mean?

If the item you need is on loan, we can make you a reservation. As soon as it is returned, you will receive an e-mail notification from us and we will keep that item for you for five days. After those five days we make it available to all our members again. For this service we charge a fee 0,30 €/item.


12/ I requested a book – and there is a „in process“- message  in my library electronic account. When shall I come and collect my book?

We have three stock warehouses: one is located in the Old Town (Klemensova Str.), the other two in Petržalka and Patrónka. If you ask for a document, it is necessary to check its location in the library catalogue. The book located at Klemensova warehouse is available on the very same day within 1 hour. The items located in our other two stock warehouses in Petržalka and Patrónka, are available on the next day about lunchtime. We keep the book(s) five days for you. After five days we return it back to the warehouse and make it available to all our members again.





1/ What does the term „electronic information resources“ mean?

Electronic information resources are those providing their content not as hard-copies, i.e. CDs, DVDs or online electronic resources (databases). We provide our members with access to online databases in numerous subject areas, containing articles from journals, books, newspapers or other media types. You can also search citation databases combining subject search with citation tracking and citation analysis.


2/ May I use electronic information resources from home?

Yes, of course. Before starting using them, you need to fill in an online form and apply for remote access rights (called HAN – Hidden Automatic Navigator) to our online resources. You get a HAN password, by which you must log in first and then you can start using the resources. Remote access is free of charge.


3/ Do I need to be a library member to use the electronic resources?

If you want to use our electronic resources, you need to be a library member and have a valid library card.


4/ What does the abbreviation „HAN“ mean? What is a remote access?

HAN – Hidden Automatic Navigator – is the software app enabling remote access to our databases. For more detailed information please click here.


5/ Can someone advise me on how to use electronic information resources?

There is a library consultant answering all your questions related to our services, including the use of electronic information resources. For more experienced users there is EBSCO Discovery Service interface on our homepage enabling integrated access to our EBSCO databases.


6/ Which electronic information resources may I use in your library?

For using the licensed electronic resources, you need to be a library member. For the list of Open Access databases please click here.





1/ Where can I enter the library catalogue?

Our library catalogue is online and you may access it on our website homepage You need to sign in, if you want to make a book request or make a reservation.


2/ I need to sign into the catalogue. How?

To be able to sign into the library catalogue, you need to enter the number of your library ID card. On our library cards the number is located in the left corner at the bottom. If you use the ISIC or ITIC as your library card, enter ISIC/ITIC chip number. Once signed up, you can ask for books or make reservations.


3/ Where do I find my library card password?

The password is your date of birth and your name initials BACKWARDS – in the format YYYYMMDDSN.

For example John Smith is born on 12.3.1993. His library card password is: 930312SJ.


4/ How do I get to know that I can come and pick up my book/journal?

We have three stock-warehouses: one located in the Old Town (in the street Klemensova), the other two located in Petržalka (street Šancová) and the location of Patrónka. If you ask for a document, it is necessary to check its location in the library catalogue. The book located at the Klemensova warehouse is available on the same day within 1 hour. The items located in our other two stock warehouses in Petržalka and Patrónka, are available on another day about lunchtime. We keep the book five days on our shelves for you. After five days we return it back to the warehouse and make it available to all our members again.


5/ Can I see the document availability?

In the library catalogue each document can have a different status such as:


On loan until | Missing | Lost | In process
The status In process means the document is processed by our cataloguing department and will be available soon (usually within one week).


6/ What is the difference between an on-site and off-site loan?

Most of the books is available for off-site loan (you take your loans home). On-site loan means the document is available for in-library use only, in other words you can use it only in our reading room (e.g. periodicals, reference materials etc.)


7/ Can I borrow journals/magazines home?

No. Journals, magazines and other serials are not available for off-site loan. However, you can make a copy or scan a document (in compliance with Copyright Act).


8/ What types of catalogue do you have?

You can enter the union catalogue – Katalóg kníh a periodík Virtua (the catalogue of books and serials Virtua). We have also digitalised traditional card catalogues – author (name) card catalogue and a card catalogue of periodicals.

The Slovak Academy of Sciences has also a catalogue of documents located in libraries of the individual Institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences Katalóg kníh ústavov and also a catalogue of documents published by SAS researchers – EPCA.

The last catalogue is a catalogue of historical prints.


9/ I am an active library user but I am not able to make a document request in the catalogue. Where is the problem?

There may be a number of reasons:

– it is necessary to check if your library card is valid (if not, it is necessary to come with your ID and prolong it).

  • a relevant document is currently borrowed for more than 1 month. You can reserve only documents available in less than 1 month time limit.
  • a relevant document may have the status Missing, Processed or Available for on-site loan only in the status column in the catalogue.


It also possible that you have some pending duties in your profile: e.g. you have not returned documents on time or you still have an overdue fine to settle.


If none of the above applies to you, please contact the library staff for more information.




1/ I do not want to take a book home. May I copy or scan it?

Yes, it is possible. There are two scanners and a copy machine available in the reading room. However, you may copy/scan the library documents only and – even more important: a limited part of the document, not the whole of it.


2/ Do you have computers with Internet access in the reading room?

Yes, all computers in the reading room have Internet access.


3/ I need to print out something. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. You may print the first 15 pages free of charge and we charge more than 15 pages of printouts. For printout charges please click here.


4/ I can not find an answer to my question here. What can I do?

For all your questions, comments and suggestions please use the service Spýtajte sa knižnice (Ask the library) or mail to: You can also call us on +421 2 52927384.